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Contact Lenses – Are They Right for You?

News Release

February 19, 2014

Contact Lenses - Are They Right for You?

One of the truly great accomplishments of our time within eye care is contact lenses. Usually, contacts are used as a substitute for eye glasses, allowing you to leave your glasses behind completely. This is great for athletes, working outdoors or just for people who seem to misplace their glasses regularly.

Today, contacts can also be used to treat certain eye diseases or conditions (such as misshaped schleras and corneas), and may even be used for cosmetic purposes such as to temporarily change the color of your eyes. They have become easy to use and incredibly sophisticated in their design and make up.

However, success with wearing contact lenses requires a "partnership" between you and your eye doctor so that they fit uniquely to your eyes. It is important to choose a doctor that has more than a passing interest in this type of eyeware and like many areas of your health, seeing a true expert greatly increases your chances of being very satisfied with your treatment. Contact lens fittings are no different.

Dr. Zmyslinski of the Zmyslinski Eye & Contact Lens Center in Phoenix is just such a doctor. Serving the communities of North Phoenix, Metro Center, Peoria and Glendale, “Dr. Z” is a contact lens specialist helping patients who might otherwise not be able to wear contacts to put their glasses aside.

Soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are the main choices of lenses available today. Each has specific indications as well as a specific wear and care guides. Dr. Zmyslinski will be able to prescribe the type and brand that are best for you.

“My patients ask about wearing contacts to be able to avoid having to wear glasses for  nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism or to avoid the use of bifocals (multifocal lenses),” stated Dr. Zmyslinski. “I am also prescribing it as a means of treating other conditions such as keratoconus which is a condition in which the surface of the eye has a very irregular shape.” Contact lenses have many uses today to restore perfect vision.

Some contact lenses are used for daily wear while others are used for extended wear which can be worn overnight. With daily wear soft lenses, you can wear your lenses for one day and then discard them. This avoids needing solutions for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses. It allows for intermittent wear as well. Many of these choices are determined by your lifestyle and need for vision clarity in certain circumstances and activities.

Some extended wear lenses can be worn overnight for one week and then replaced every one to two weeks. Trying to extend the wear of lenses beyond the recommended replacement schedule is a false economy and an invitation to potential disaster. “I have treated too many people for infections and scratches on the surface of their eye because they thought they could get a few extra days out of their contact lens wear,” reported Dr. Zmyslinski. “Wearing your lenses as prescribed is easy and means not seeing me for more serious problems related to poor usage of your contacts.

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