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What Conditions Can Vision Therapy Treat?

It is not always that the doctor will correct vision problems using corrective lenses. Sometimes, they will do so using vision therapy or a combination with corrective lenses. Vision therapy is ideal when dealing with vision issues resulting from muscular dysfunction.

What Can I Expect During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam by an optometry doctor is essential. It is a vital part of caring for your eyes and monitoring your overall health. Many vision and eye issues have no obvious symptoms, so you may be unaware of the problem. 

Treatment Options for a Person With Keratoconus

Keratoconus begins as a bulge in your cornea, causing it to develop a cone-like shape. The change in corneal shape is gradual. It causes blurry or distorted vision due to the deflection of light by the cone shape. You may develop other complications like irregular astigmatism and progressive myopia. You may also experience light sensitivity and glare.

Diabetic Eye Disease: How to Spot the Signs Early

Diabetes affects more than your pancreas—it can also affect your eyes. As such, you need to get your blood sugar under control because it can affect your vision. You could be taking good care of yourself, ensuring your blood sugar is under control. But the longer you have diabetes, the higher the likelihood of getting diabetic eye disease. 

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